Thirty-six athletes were among the 500+ students that were named to Northeast's President's/Vice President's Lists for the spring semester.
Thirty-six athletes were among the 500+ students that were named to Northeast's President's/Vice President's Lists for the spring semester.

Booneville, Miss. – A stellar group of student-athletes kept their focus in the classroom despite a very busy calendar of sporting events during the latter half of the academic year.


Thirty-six total athletes representing eight athletic programs were among those named to Northeast Mississippi Community College's President's and Vice President's List for the 2017 spring semester.


"We are very proud of the number of student-athletes receiving recognition this past semester," said Northeast athletic director Kent Farris. "Our coaching staff does an excellent job of holding our student-athletes accountable on and off the playing field. This includes in the academic setting."


Ten young men and women accumulated perfect 4.0 grade point averages (GPA) during the spring and as a result were honored with a spot on the prestigious President's List.


An additional 26 players held GPAs between 3.5 and 3.99 during the same span between January and May to garner acknowledgement on the distinguished Vice President's List.


The cheerleading squad, which urged on the men's and women's basketball teams to a Mississippi Association of Community and Junior Colleges (MACJC) North Division championship and runner-up, respectively, has the most honorees with 13 of its 16-member roster gaining these laurels.


Baseball had the most individuals on the President's List by accounting for half of the 10 recipients. The Tigers, which won at least 20 games for the fourth time in the last five seasons, had the second most overall award winners with 10.


Five ladies from the tradition-rich softball program, which reached the state playoffs for the 15th time in its 17 years of fast-pitch competition, were commended for their academic prowess.


Three men from the nationally ranked golf team qualified for these accolades. The women's basketball squad had multiple representatives that earned a spot on these listings as well.


The following is the list in alphabetical order with sport, GPA and high school of the Northeast student-athletes that were selected for the President's and Vice President's Lists.

Student-Athlete Sport   Award   Grade Point Average High School
McKayla Bradley   Cheerleading   Vice President   3.81   Kossuth
Addison Carter   Cheerleading   Vice President   3.63   Ingomar
Hannah Cox   Softball   President   4.0   South Lamar (Ala.)
MaLeah Dalrymple   Cheerleading   Vice President   3.78   Colbert Heights (Ala.)
Madison Davis   Softball   President   4.0   Booneville
Ashley Flowers   Cheerleading   Vice President   3.65   Tishomingo County
Alex Floyd   Golf   Vice President   3.82   Booneville
Aswyn Floyd   Cheerleading   Vice President   3.76   Tishomingo County
Caleb Griffin   Baseball   President   4.0   Starkville Academy
Parker Haberstroh   Baseball   Vice President   3.63   Center Hill
Madison Harris   Cheerleading   Vice President   3.82   Tishomingo County
Ryan Holland   Baseball   President   4.0   Lafayette County
Calin Holley   Cheerleading   President   4.0   Nettleton
Anna Claire Ivy   Cheerleading   Vice President   3.65   Booneville
Kylee Jordan   Softball   Vice President   3.61   Hernando
Marley Long   Women's Basketball   Vice President   3.8   West Union
Max Ludka   Baseball   Vice President   3.85   Traverse City West (Mich.)
Megan Mauney   Cheerleading   Vice President   3.8   Pine Grove
Janay Maxwell   Softball   Vice President   3.83   North Pike
Eli Murphree   Baseball   President   4.0   Lafayette County
John Murphree   Baseball   Vice President   3.65   Lafayette County
Madison Parks   Cheerleading   President   4.0   Kossuth
Jon David Poss   Baseball   Vice President   3.65   Amory
Katie Rowan   Cheerleading   Vice President   3.65   East Union
Denver Russell   Golf   Vice President   3.82   Pontotoc
Keeley Shelley   Cheerleading   Vice President   3.59   Wheeler
Octavius Simpson   Football   Vice President   3.53   Grenada
Isaac Sparks   Baseball   Vice President   3.82   Belmont
Josh Stillman   Baseball   President   4.0   New Hope
Sara Talley   Women's Tennis   Vice President   3.65   Kossuth
Caleb Todd   Baseball   President   4.0   North Pontotoc
Tomas Tucker   Men's Tennis   Vice President   3.68   Shannon
Tyra Tucker   Women's Basketball   Vice President   3.82   Calhoun City
Ken Waddell   Golf   Vice President   3.65   Belmont
Molly Walden   Softball   President   4.0   New Site
Anna Leigh Witt   Cheerleading   Vice President   3.78   Belmont